Floral trends 2017 (part 1)

Flowers are such an integral part of any wedding day, they can lift a wedding table from a dinner with friends to a romantic, memory full table filled with your favourite people and things, a shift that creates images in your head to last a lifetime. No matter how well you have planned all the details, adding flowers will lift the colours and bring it all together to create a complete design. So with that kind of importance, it’s no wonder flower design follows fashion and trends that are visible and defined across the years. So what are the trends coming up for 2017………………

Greenery and garlands

We’re not sure if it’s because people are more budget conscious (although this would be a deception of sorts as this option can be more pricey) or if they’re just opting to go more green and be more environmentally aware, but there has been a huge increase in greenery being used in weddings. It follows the ‘outside in’ trend that creates the lush textures of the secret garden with relaxed florals and deconstructed piles of foliage but on the inside. It often comes in the form of long table swags to decorate the trestle table trend or large structures of layered textured greens. The miminalist look can still be catered for with simple specimen vases with sculptural ferns and delicate trailing vines and the houseplant trend of kokedama’s provide the hanging element. This trend can take a lot of work and technical understanding, much more so than the simpler, flower-abundant creations hence the sometimes more costly than expected price tag, but they create full, luxurious, beautiful and unique understated focal points to your wedding.



Hanging florals and chandeliers

These usually large structures command pride of place in an industrial space, tipi or marquee and again bring the ‘outside in’. These can be large floral pieces or follow the full greenery trend, but both work by drawing the eye upwards creating a 3-D space rather than just eye level decorations on the tables. Wonderful at adding height, they can also relieve the tables of the floral arrangements, creating space there and using the often, oversized space above giving intimacy to the setting.



Bigger bouquets

Bridal bouquets of loose, organic wider shapes are officially the new must have! This year’s brides are asking for bouquets with bulk, but not massive balls of tightly tied flowers, they want lush full bouquets with foliage and texture, loosely tied with trails and interesting focal points. These can be wild and woodland inspired full of ferns and greenery or full of old style flowers, creating visually interesting lines with arching branches, or foliage that cascades. They often come in asymmetrical shapes, impossible to recreate exactly so each one is bespoke and personal to that bride. For added softness, long trailing ribbons add interest to the stems.

Ruffled - photo by Rebecca Masters Photography http://ruffledblog.com/mountain-vineyard-wedding-inspiration


There are more trends that are coming to the forefront of flower design for 2017, so see our floral trends part 2 for more 2017 ideas ……

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