Floral trends 2017 (part 2)

More wedding floral trends for 2017 ….

Rustic no more?

There has been a long running trend for jam jars and hessian at weddings often giving a rustic, homemade look which brides could do themselves or which were filled with ‘just picked’ flowers. This look will continue but it’s popularity is waning in favour of a more glamourous look.  We’re seeing the farm-fresh look being uplifted by the use of more interesting vases like mismatched vintage vessels, antique vases and mercury glass along with richer textiles and accessories with a bit of subtle ‘bling’. This also follows through into the colours being used, giving a luxurious glamourous feel.



Bolder bohemian colours

Wedding flower colours are getting bolder with purples, blues and yellows pushing out the pastel and blush tones that have be around for a few years. A subtle mix of big bright Bohemian flowers colours reflects the general fashion trends.  Also deeper, moodier shades of berry tones, with deep hued foliage and earthy merlot-browns reflect a generally more ‘industrial’ trend in wedding flowers.

So while some are going totally green others are going down this somewhat unfamiliar path for many past brides. These bolder pantones work well paired down with softer pastels of the same tonal variations and if one complimentary colour is added, it creates a pop of colour. This needs to be quite carefully thought through so that is has the desired effect, otherwise is can become too much and overwhelm the eye.




Shimmering metallics including gold, rose gold and copper are included in flowers, vases, candle holders, light fittings, table cloths, monograms, and more. The effect adds an incredible wow factor, whether matt or shiny, sparkly or glittery. The warmth of most metallic tones means it can work with a myriad of colours and more especially the warmer colours we’ve been seeing emerging more in wedding flowers of late but it also looks amazing with neutrals and soft pastels and plenty of brides are opting for this combo. Gold definitely has the effect of adding grandeur and the copper tones work to create the industrial look so on trend.


Whatever the trend you will be taking on this next year, we can’t wait to create some stunning wedding flowers!

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