Pinterest magic

Pinterest is an app that many of us to explore new ideas, see what others are dreaming of and to look at what may work for us. In the wedding industry it’s an invaluable tool people use to put their ideas onto the page, to demonstrate what they mean by textured, or purple, or boho, ideas that have different meanings and different levels to us all. it helps solidify what you may want for your wedding and importantly what you don’t want.

On Pinterest, trends come from people all around the world. If people are searching for the same thing more and more over a six month period then it becomes an official Pinterest trend.

One of the Pinterest trends in the floristry world is the flower garland. We’re seeing them everywhere, draped over the table, they can be elegant, contained and neat,


or flow luxuriously down the ends of tables at a more boho outdoor wedding.


Candles placed through the garland help add atmosphere and they can be the rustic church candles


or more elegant tapered candles or glass candle holders


Garlands can also be hung in the air to create fantastic drama when you enter a room


or draped over stairs of fireplaces


or to highlight signs


and of course with flower arches and arbours a strong trend, the come in a huge variety of styles and shapes.


Whatever the use of flower garlands, they create a wonderful impact, perfect for decorating banqueting tables, focal points of the wedding and areas needing a lift of colour and foliage ad we agree with Pinterest that they are a trend to stay.


Wedding flower trends for 2019

There have been some beautiful trends that have appeared over the last year, some are here to stay and some are changing for the next year.

In 2018 we saw a lot more classic green and white, a lot of foliage and simple classic elegance.  The green white colour way is always a classic and here to stay but in 2019 it is all about colour colour colour. Particularly the corals, brighter oranges, yellows, pinks and clashing colours. 2017 and 18 have been all about the neutral palettes, blush and vintage washed colours but we predict that following fashion, our brides will dare to add more colour into their wedding day.


Petite bouquets .. whenever there is a royal wedding, flower fashions follow suit and the petite bouquets sported by both Kate and Meghan have found their way into the floral mainstream world. We have had a few years of big oversized asymmetrical bouquets giving a boho and more natural look, now we’re predicting that smaller or more tailored bouquets will come to the fore.  Of course if you have bridesmaids you’ll probably want yours a little larger than theirs still.


Hanging installations and large floral arrangements. Floral decorations are being upgraded, the increase in demand for arches and decorated entrances is extending to the whole reception area and elevated arrangements, floral ceilings and self standing arbours are all on trend for 2019.


Elegant dining and more intimate weddings are also on the increase. Much of the reception table styling is coming from interior design trends with lounge furniture and elegant place settings with candlelight from tall elegant tapered candles. More intimate weddings are lending themselves to more elaborate dining settings using more flowers and candles.


Floral and foliage aisles are also becoming more popular over the last year and into the next. Again with more intimate weddings becoming popular, couples are able to spend more on decorating their ceremony and reception areas more elaborately. Aisles are definitely a way or reflecting the style of your wedding day.


Mixing industrial with lush florals is also a trend from this year carrying on to the next. Using tall elevated metal stands with large arrangements on create a modern classic. We’ve used stands as individual pieces to draw the eye upwards and also as a structure to create elevated arrangements


We’re looking forward to seeing how these trends pan out in 2019 and into 2020.

How to choose your wedding flowers

So you’ve got engaged and you’re starting to think about planning your wedding, the whole event seems daunting let alone choosing your wedding flowers. But that is what your florist is here to help with. Whether you know exactly what you want or know nothing about flowers at all and have no idea which is a rose and which a hydrangea, your florist is there to help you create the perfect style and palette for your day.

So here are some tips to help you work out what’s best for you.

Work out what your budget is.  Don’t be put off by a florist asking what your budget is, even if you don’t have an exact figure, knowing what you can afford will save you the heartache of not being able to drench your venue in old english roses and peonies as you wanted. We will always work with our couples no matter what the budget to determine where they can make the most of their flowers, where the focal points should be and what is not necessary. Knowing your budget helps us pitch the proposal at the right level rather than overwhelming you with what it could be!

Florists prices will include all the design work, the time taken to source and condition the flowers, arranging and on site styling which can all add up.  Even the simplest of designs can take skill and time to create, so don’t be surprised it’s not supermarket flower prices.



Understand your venue. Knowing how the day will run logistically and where that floral arch you have your heart set on is going to fit is important. It also helps to look at it from your guests perspective too. For example, you may already be at the hotel on the wedding day, so forget about the entrance, but that is the first place your guests see when they arrive and it may be a good place to make feel special.  Have flowers in places you’re likely to be photographed in.  Flowers make great frames for a couple in photos.

We will always come and meet our couples at their venue in order to talk about the flowers as they will be and where they will be on the day. This also helps get the most from your budget as we can talk about how we can reuse flowers from different areas.

IMG_1130 IMG_0110

Don’t fall in love with the online dream. The internet is an incredible place to get inspiration and ideas but it’s important to remember that most of the photos have been styled, photoshopped, individual flowers picked for their ‘perfectness’ and colours enhanced or given a colour wash. Flowers are a natural product and won’t all be absolutely identical, your florist will have to order in batches and the colour and size may vary slightly from the perfect picture you have in mind.  It’s very easy when you see images on Pinterest or Instagram to crave a wedding that looks just like that, but it always needs to be realistic and perhaps a flower covered ceiling is not practical or just outside of your budget. We will always work with you to create flowers that will give you the wow factor or the understated elegance you want whilst not going overboard.  (Unless of course you tell us to go overboard in which case we’re in happy flower heaven!)


Ask your florist as many questions as you like. We have your best interests at heart and want to give you the wedding flowers of your dreams, so feel free to ask anything that will help you understand what you’re getting, how it will look on the day, how it all works etc. so you can make any changes you want and can then relax and trust your florist and just wait for the happy day.

Moody Palette Wedding Flowers

These flowers created for a wedding on New Years Eve at Askham Hall were the perfect backdrop for an atmospheric wedding. Moody palette flowers are the perfect transition from the lush oranges and reds of Autumn flowers and foliage to the greys and blues of Winter. Coupled with the opulence of golds, we used candlesticks to add some atmosphere with candlelight.



We used succulents, Black Baccara roses, Astrantia, Ranunculus, Sea Holly, Lysimachia, Daucus, Earl Grey roses, Anemones, Scabious Stellata and a lot of foliage such as Eucalyptus, Grevillea and ivy with berries.

The inspiration below shows the colours of deep reds, and whites mixed with the blues and greys. We also mixed in dark blue tapered candles with the gold candelabra to tie in with the colours.


Colourful wedding flowers

We’ve just received this lovely thank you from our couple who got married in October at Broadoaks Country House Hotel.


Hi Kerry,

Thank you again for putting together such a beautiful flower spread for us in October AND for braving the crazy rain to get them to us. All of the flowers were absolutely perfect!

Here is a link to an album of photos featuring the flowers. Enjoy!

Thank you again,
Lynnae and Tim


Our bride wanted something bright and tropical mixed with deep burgundys and forest greens to create a natural and organic look with lots of foliage. Her bouquet was an asymmetrical arrangement but not too large and the bridesmaids had simple foliage bouquets.


The reception had simple single and double flower heads in lots of different heights and sized bottles. We also created a headband for a young flower girl, some wired flowers for the brides hair and buttonholes and corsages for ushers, dads and mums.

1T3A8641 1T3A8465 1T3A8383

It was a very rainy lake district day so this helped warm the reception and create a bright lively atmosphere.  It was an absolute delight to create their flowers for them and we wish them all the best for their future married life together.





Church weddings

Churches are fantastic places to decorate with flowers and can help create the atmosphere for the rest of the wedding. Churches are often the first place the wedding party sees and you can be as elaborate or as simple as you want to create something that really shows your style.


Highlighting the aisle in the church is a simple way to decorate the church instantly turning it into a wedding venue.  Aisle flowers don’t always have to be hung on the pew ends, they can be placed on the floor for a more understated look. You can also use plants, ribbons as well as flowers.


Classic white wedding flowers

We loved receiving these photos and thank you’s from our lovely bride who got married at Belmont Hall.  We used all white flowers with some foliage to create a soft classic romantic style using old english roses, hydrangea, gypsophila and lisianthus.




Candlelight helps create a lovely romantic atmosphere and we used hurricane lamps with rings of flowers as centrepieces.


How stunning they all look!!!


Wedding cakes

Here are some of the many cakes we’ve also made this year, again so varied and lovely to add our wedding flowers to, to match with all the other flowers.

IMG_1429 Victoria Sponge, Lemon sponge and decorated in Italian Meringue buttercream

IMG_1381  Semi naked chocolate cake with Nutella and buttercreamIMG_1374 Victoria sponge, chocolate cake and lemon decorated in fondant frills, dots and diamantes

IMG_1272 Fondant layers covering victoria sponge, lemon cake and chocolate cake

IMG_1388 Fondant frills covering a fruit cake, chocolate cake and victoria sponge

18268398_10155314475943384_2197572519054870397_n Dessert table of chocolate cake, Victoria sponge, lemon cake, strawberry pavlova, fruit cake, key lime pies, white chocolate and rhubarb pots,

IMG_0493 IMG_0907

More wedding flower pictures

It’s been a busy year …..

21231712_10155760704628777_9095164718482504932_n (1) Oversized textured burgundy and peach wedding bouquet and lovely headpiece for a rustic tipi wedding

IMG_0916 Rustic country garden wedding bouquet in purples and mauves at Langdale Chase Hotel

IMG_1375  Soft blue and apricot wedding bouquet

IMG_1314 The Gazebo at Langdale Chase

IMG_1303 Tall soft pink and white centrepieces

IMG_1276 White and purple country garden wedding bouquet

IMG_1282 Hanging ceremony flowers to decorate Langdale Chase Hotel

IMG_1273 Succulents, white peony wedding bouquet with a hint of bright colour to lift the colours

IMG_1252  Tall table centre pieces in white and a mix of pinksIMG_1222 Soft blush pink wedding bouquet in textured summer flowers 18193201_10155310281828384_8200377748494670840_o Textured loose wedding bouquet with red and white peony, viburnum, lilac and ferns

IMG_0644-1 Foliage table runners using lots of varieties of eucalytpus and a few white flowers


Loads more to come, it’s only September!!!!

Wedding flowers (part 1)

Here are just a few examples of our work so far this year, it’s been really varied in colour, texture and style, so lots of fun to create.

IMG_1308 Vintage wedding flowers at Armathwaite Hall using whites, soft pinks and feathers

IMG_1317 Beautiful white orchid ceremony flowersIMG_1329 (1) The arch at Langdale Chase HotelIMG_1334 Peony and hydrangea wedding flowers at The Daffodil Hotel IMG_1355Flower and foliage table runner at Park House Barn IMG_1362 IMG_1361 IMG_0913 (1) Textured red rose wedding flowers in the Gazebo at Langdale Chase Hotel

IMG_1368 Tall cylinder wedding flowers at The Inn on the Lake

IMG_1378 (2) Blue and apricot wedding flowers in a floral table runner at Leeming House Hotel

IMG_1386 Balls of hydrangea wedding reception flowers at The Swan Hotel

IMG_1422 IMG_1420 Blue and lime green wedding bouquet and table flowers at Glaramara

IMG_0755 Candles and white wedding flowers at The Swan


see part 2 for more of our wedding flowers this year……