How to choose your wedding flowers

So you’ve got engaged and you’re starting to think about planning your wedding, the whole event seems daunting let alone choosing your wedding flowers. But that is what your florist is here to help with. Whether you know exactly what you want or know nothing about flowers at all and have no idea which is a rose and which a hydrangea, your florist is there to help you create the perfect style and palette for your day.

So here are some tips to help you work out what’s best for you.

Work out what your budget is.  Don’t be put off by a florist asking what your budget is, even if you don’t have an exact figure, knowing what you can afford will save you the heartache of not being able to drench your venue in old english roses and peonies as you wanted. We will always work with our couples no matter what the budget to determine where they can make the most of their flowers, where the focal points should be and what is not necessary. Knowing your budget helps us pitch the proposal at the right level rather than overwhelming you with what it could be!

Florists prices will include all the design work, the time taken to source and condition the flowers, arranging and on site styling which can all add up.  Even the simplest of designs can take skill and time to create, so don’t be surprised it’s not supermarket flower prices.



Understand your venue. Knowing how the day will run logistically and where that floral arch you have your heart set on is going to fit is important. It also helps to look at it from your guests perspective too. For example, you may already be at the hotel on the wedding day, so forget about the entrance, but that is the first place your guests see when they arrive and it may be a good place to make feel special.  Have flowers in places you’re likely to be photographed in.  Flowers make great frames for a couple in photos.

We will always come and meet our couples at their venue in order to talk about the flowers as they will be and where they will be on the day. This also helps get the most from your budget as we can talk about how we can reuse flowers from different areas.

IMG_1130 IMG_0110

Don’t fall in love with the online dream. The internet is an incredible place to get inspiration and ideas but it’s important to remember that most of the photos have been styled, photoshopped, individual flowers picked for their ‘perfectness’ and colours enhanced or given a colour wash. Flowers are a natural product and won’t all be absolutely identical, your florist will have to order in batches and the colour and size may vary slightly from the perfect picture you have in mind.  It’s very easy when you see images on Pinterest or Instagram to crave a wedding that looks just like that, but it always needs to be realistic and perhaps a flower covered ceiling is not practical or just outside of your budget. We will always work with you to create flowers that will give you the wow factor or the understated elegance you want whilst not going overboard.  (Unless of course you tell us to go overboard in which case we’re in happy flower heaven!)


Ask your florist as many questions as you like. We have your best interests at heart and want to give you the wedding flowers of your dreams, so feel free to ask anything that will help you understand what you’re getting, how it will look on the day, how it all works etc. so you can make any changes you want and can then relax and trust your florist and just wait for the happy day.

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